Data-driven and connected

As business technologists with over 40 years' active support for the nuclear industry, Atos sees the nuclear industry becoming increasingly datadriven and connected:

from control room operation to plant-floor safety checks, process automation, digital twinning and access to realtime data become key to precision and efficiency.

and robotics Cognitive computing, robotics, AI and machine learning can all now contribute to meeting complex engineering challenges, particularly in new-build initiatives where shared best-practice is the foundation of efficiency and safety.

Digital workplace
Today's workforce expects access to information on the move. A generation that has grown up with mobile communications, gaming, virtual reality and remote support expect these practices to feature in their working lives.

Every nuclear operator must ensure round-the-clock protection from both physical and digital threats. Sophisticated radioprotection, biometric ID for plant staff and contractors, and rigorous cyber-security all have roles to play.

Knowledge management
Whether in capturing the knowledge and experience of senior workforce members, ensuring data governance or delivering contextual information to engineers, digital transformation in knowledge capture and data analytics becomes a priority.

Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) must support engineering teams in maximizing efficiency and boosting workforce collaboration. Engineering systems need to track asset histories from design through to decommissioning.

Value-based maintenance
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning become prerequisites for the predictive analytics needed to safely maximize the effective life of plant and assets.

Public acceptance
Every nuclear operator is sensitive to public perception. Activities such as social media analysis and news-tracking have to become part of their operational armory.

High-performance computing
Data-driven nuclear power plants need unprecedented computing power, with new Quantum Learning Machines showing special promise in complex simulation. Hybrid cloud models now offer viable access to these resources.


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